About Us

Cloud Zion is not your average IT support and management company. Ever since we joined the industry way back in 2008, we’ve made it our mission to offer our customers innovative IT services and solutions that save them valuable time and money.

With technology playing such an important role in organisations everywhere, we believe exceptional quality should come as standard. This is why – unlike other IT service providers who try to charge you an arm and a leg for expensive equipment you don’t necessarily need – we’ll always try to come up with the most cost-effective solution to suit your individual organisation. Our competitors might think this is a strange approach to business, but we’ve learned over the years that our customers really appreciate our honesty and transparency. It’s easy for service providers to say they’ll always put you first, but we really will.

We pride ourselves on our fast response times, but that’s just the beginning. It’s all very well having your call answered on time, but what then? We’re known not just for our quick responses, but for our super-speedy resolution times too. That means that as soon as we take your call, we’ll get right to the bottom of your issue so you can get on with your day. In the vast majority of cases IT issues can be fixed remotely, but if we need to visit your site for a more complex problem we’ll arrange our visit at a time to suit you.

Cloud Zion is a one-stop-shop for all things IT. That means that, whether you’re looking for a quick fix for a computer problem or a large-scale IT infrastructure project, we’re the people to call. We do everything from maintenance and support to web hosting, telecoms systems, home and office automation, software and website design (and pretty much anything else you can think of!). The beauty of that is that all your key contacts and services are under the same roof and, from our convenient base in the West Midlands, we’re never very far away. Our staff work in teams according to their specific areas of specialism, so you’ll always be guaranteed the most highly skilled person for the job.

The work provided by our large scale team is always of an exceptional standard. There, we said it. It’s not necessarily the done thing to shout about how great you are, but our customers tell us we’re the bee’s knees, so it would be rude not to acknowledge their praise. We believe that if a job’s worth doing well, it’s worth doing exceptionally. That’s why, after more than a decade in the business, we’ve retained a huge 95% of our customers. It’s good news for new clients too – contact us and we’ll give you a discount on your first product or service.

Our Mission

• To provide you with the very best IT support and solutions in order to save you time and money
• To bring innovative IT solutions designed to suit your needs
• To help you solve your biggest challenges and problems with IT solutions that are flexible, scalable and easy to use

Our Values

Communication and care – we’re not just about computers. Everything we do comes from a deep-down desire to understand our customers and help them achieve their dreams and goals.
Loyalty – when we enter into a new business relationship, it’s our intention to stick with it for life. When you choose Cloud Zion, you’re choosing a group of people you can always rely on.
Openness and integrity – we’re not here to bamboozle you with techy jargon or try to convince you to buy stuff you don’t need. It’s our job to deliver the right solution for your specific situation, so you can always count on our absolute honesty and transparency.
On-time delivery – we believe in under-promising and over-delivering, which is why when we set a schedule you can trust us to stick to it. We’re renowned for our delivery times, and we intend to keep it that way.
Innovation – the IT world is constantly changing, so it’s up to us to stay ahead of the game. We’re always looking out for the latest ways to help us be our very best versions of ourselves, so you can count on us to pass those fantastic opportunities on to you, too. Cloud Zion is building an innovative future, and we’d love you to be a part of it.
Quality – all too often, computer problems are the bane of companies of all sizes, and it shouldn’t be that way. Choose Cloud Zion and we’ll promise you exceptional quality every step of the way.
Helping you work smarter, not harder. The great thing about tech is that – when done properly – it frees up loads of time and unlocks huge organisational potential. With us by your side, you and your team will get more done than you could ever have imagined.

Our Approach

Although every company we work with is different, we base our work around three simple steps.

Step One: Analyse. Analyse. This is the “getting to know you” phase, and it covers everything from the people and procedures that make your business tick to a full and thorough analysis of your current situation. We’ll visit your site to get a clear picture of how you operate, then test your systems, software and hardware to identify any pain points and work out the best way forward.

Step Two: Provide (the best IT solutions). Once we’ve seen where you are now, we’ll give you our ideas for where to go next. We understand the importance of value for money, so our solutions will always be mindful of your budget at the same time as delivering exceptional quality.

Step Three: Support 24/7. We’re not here to make simple business transactions and move on to the next customer. When you choose Cloud Zion as your IT service provider, you’ll be promised our support whenever you need it. Whether it’s keeping an eye on your system to keep it safe from cyber threats or providing a member of your team with patient, clear technical support, we’ll always be here for you. We don’t just offer quick response times, we deliver fast remote and onsite fixes too.

Why Choose Cloud Zion?

• Over a decade in the IT market
• More than 5,000 bug fixes
• Hundreds of satisfied clients
• Over 99% of calls answered within one minute
• 99.8% remote fixes delivered within the first hour
• 97.9% onsite fixes delivered within the first hour
• More than 95% of clients retained in ten years

Since we first started back in 2008, we’ve had a front-row seat observing all the changes and trends in the IT market. Our commitment to innovation, along with our genuine desire to put our customers’ needs first, have brought us to where we are today.

We believe in making lasting relationships built on trust, and that’s reflected in our 95% retention rate and great reviews. We consistently deliver on promises, going out of our way to give our customers the very best IT solutions for their budget.

So, if you want to discover a new, better kind of IT support company, contact Cloud Zion today and don’t forget your New Customer Discount!