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Good software makes businesses of all shapes and sizes run better, smarter and more efficiently. However, every organisation is unique, which is why standard off-the-shelf solutions don’t suit everyone. We deliver bespoke software development services to meet your changing business needs without costing a small fortune.

Whatever you want to achieve, we’ll be happy to discuss your software project in detail. We bring extensive experience in all aspects of software design and development, from building huge access databases and business software packages to creating user-friendly mobile and desktop applications. Whether you’re looking for a brand new way to manage your stock and inventory or an efficient, secure human resources platform (or anything else that you have in mind), contact Cloud Zion today to discover a whole new world of opportunities.

Are you looking for a new software solution? Let Cloud Zion guide you through the process.

Technology opens new doors to customer intimacy, product innovation, and revenue streams yet despite all the promise of new technologies claiming to be the next best thing since sliced bread, they can fast become a real headache. Without proper management and thorough testing, software is just another overhead which often creates more problems than it solves.

The good news is that by working with a highly skilled and meticulous team of software developers like us here at Cloud Zion, you’ll be able to enjoy all the great bits without ever having to worry about the bad. Our software development services can help you:

• Reduce operating costs
• Boost productivity
• Streamline operations
• Speed execution
• Minimise downtime
• Integrate teams
• Oversee projects from beginning to end
• Give your customers what they want
• Get ahead of the competition

Our services include:

• POS systems
• Software Consulting
• Software Product Development
• Custom Software Development
• Mobile App Development & Design
• Software Testing and QA

Not sure where to start? Contact us today and our friendly team of software developers will be only too happy to help.

Whatever your business software needs, Cloud Zion has the skills and expertise to deliver.

POS Systems

A Point of Sale System is the hub through which important business transactions take place. It requires an intricate blend of software and hardware to make it easy for customers to buy from you, so they’ll want to come back time and time again. There are two main types of POS deployment methods:

On-premise: using a traditional model of software development, you can buy the licenses you need and install it directly into your system and servers. This usually requires an on-site IT department or trusted MSP (Managed Service Provider) who will be responsible for managing and maintaining the software on your behalf.

In the Cloud: an increasingly popular way to stay ahead of technological developments while keeping costs low, Cloud-based solutions (also known as Software-as-a-Service) are operated and managed over the internet.

Our tailor-made systems allow you to:

– Accept card payments with or without POS, through portable devices and mobile apps
– Manage your business better and more efficiently
– Effortlessly perform admin tasks like stock management, orders and employee records
– Save time, reduce employee costs and make software work harder for you
– Export old data to your new software system

To find out how we’ve supported other companies with web applications and mobile platforms, visit our case studies page.

Software Consulting

We provide a wide range of software consulting services to create bespoke systems that will help your business thrive. Our deep understanding of the complexities of software programmes and engineering, along with our exceptional customer service skills, mean we’re renowned for creating winning software solutions that really work.

We’ll begin with an in-depth analysis of your current systems and applications, identifying your core business objectives before mapping out a comprehensive strategy for success. We understand that not everyone is as enthusiastic about computer software as we are, so you can count on us to speak your language and guide you through the process as clearly as possible.

Software Product Development

It’s important for us to find the right solution for your business, so we’ll never convince you to buy anything you don’t need. Our software product development services are expertly crafted to help you get the most out of your money and achieve your business goals in the easiest, fast way we can. We’ll take the time to learn about you and the things that really matter to your organisation, always being mindful of the size of your business, industry trends, and your budget.

Custom Software Development Near Me

Because we understand that your business is unique, we’ll happily create brand new software that’s designed and software development near me just for you. Our highly competent software developers and designers will start by defining which features will appeal most to your target audience, so you can save time and money by getting it right the first time.

Our focus is always on quality, user experience, and security, so we’ll go above and beyond to ensure your software is bug-free, easy and completely safe to use.

Our software development services include:

• Architecture and design
• UX and interactivity
• Testing and quality assurance
• User support and documentation
• Maintenance and updates
• Security
• Migration
• Remote support and management

Mobile App Development and Design

Today’s consumers expect to have highly functional, user-friendly mobile apps for everything from shopping to booking hotels and restaurants. Mobile platforms are an important element of any modern IT strategy, serving as a key point of contact between you and your customers.
If you want to stand out from your competitors and get people talking about how great you are, a well-designed, original mobile app is a great business decision. We’ve built many mobile apps in our time, so if you’re looking to propel your company forward with a smart new bit of tech, contact us today.

Software Testing and QA

A great idea for a new piece of business software or mobile app will only get you so far. Unless it’s secure and easy to use, there’s a real risk of having your reputation damaged both online and in the real world. Our mission is to create first-class software that delivers real value and is subject to strict, careful testing. Our software testing and quality assurance processes answer important questions like:

• Does your software work on all devices?
• Are there any vulnerabilities and how can they be fixed?
• What user load can it handle?
• Does it need a certification?
• Can it perform complex tasks?
• Is it easy to use?
• Does it look good?
• Can it be automated?

In 2015 we were asked by an engineering company to take a look at an 18-year-old system. As the company had grown, the software was becoming increasingly unable to meet demands. We designed and implemented a brand new software solution for our client and they are still using it today.

Ready to take your business to a new level? Call us today to discuss your software near me project with our friendly team of professionals

Why choose us?

Our dedicated team of developers has many years of experience in creating user-friendly, secure software systems and web-based applications for a huge range of customers. We specialise in delivering the kind of programs that other software developers say can’t be done, always preferring to look for the reasons for something to work instead of writing it off as impossible. For us, software brings with it infinite possibilities, so we see it as our role to make your ideas a reality.

We’re knowledgeable, friendly and down-to-earth, with the ability to explain even complex software solutions in a way that anyone can understand. Our commitment to delivering elegant, simple software solutions that add genuine value means we always do our very best to keep costs low and quality high.

Our software developers are skilled in a range of software languages and applications, including:

• C#
• Java
• VB6
• C++
• Microsoft SQL Server (All versions)
• Oracle
• Azure Cloud hosting
• Azure Cloud development
• Android
• iOS
• Ajax
• Atlas
• Sage
• SmartTeam
• Office 365
• Python
• Ruby
• Docker

Business software can propel your company to a whole new level, rapidly outsmarting your competitors by giving your customers more of what they want. When done correctly, software programs and mobile applications are a great way to add more strings to your business bow, reduce costs and boost profits. It’s important to remember that not all software is created equally so, to ensure yours adds value instead of becoming another hassle you have to deal with, contact our trusted team of software developers here at Cloud Zion.


1. Q: Can my old data from the old system be transferred to the new system?
A: No problem – so far every single one of the software systems we have built has been easy to transfer between different systems.
2. Q: How long will it take to get my new software up and running?
A: This really depends on how complex and large scale your software project is. It normally doesn’t take long at all, but to get a clearer idea of the timescales you can expect, give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss all your requirements in more detail.
3. Q: What types of apps have you made?
A: Since 2008 we have made a huge range of apps, including in-house systems, web and mobile apps, stock control systems, order management software, EPOS systems, and many more. If you want to know more about specific cases or how we can work with you, please call or email us.
4. Q: Is this going to cost a lot of money?!
A: Building an app is often a lot more affordable than people think, and in the long term it can actually bring about significant costs savings and boost profits. To find out more about our software development prices, contact us today for a free, no-obligation chat.

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